Twingaroo twin baby carrier & changing bag
Twingaroo twin baby carrier & changing bag
Twingaroo twin baby carrier & changing bag
Twingaroo twin baby carrier & changing bag
Twingaroo twin baby carrier & changing bag

Twingaroo twin baby carrier & changing bag


Product information

The award winning Twingaroo twin carrier is the first and only baby carrier of its kind! It's a twin carrier and changing bag- all in one! Its ease of use and comfortable design has made it a favorite amongst tandem baby wearers world-wide!


  • Wide, padded waist belt disburses weight comfortably and evenly for optimum support. 
  • Changing bag in the back includes two insulated bottle holders and 2 separate compartments for diapers, a change of clothes, and much more!
  • Can be used as both a twin and a single carrier !
  • Front pouch allows you to store the front carrier when you're only carrying one baby!
  • Pocket in the front is perfect for your car keys, phone, or anything you need within arm's reach.
  • Holds two infants (of similar or different weight) from 10-35 lb each. 
  • Patent Pending
  • Conforms to ASTM and EN safety standards
  • Now available in Black or Khaki
  • Just arrived Limited Edition Grey
  • Limited Stock

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Condition New


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Catherine - Marlow
LOVE THIS CARRIER!!! So after taking a look at the Twingaroo and the Twingo, I decided to go ahead with the Twingaroo and I'm happy I did! I can't really compare it to the Twingo, other than it is cheaper and I was looking for a carrier for my twins not one that split into two separate carriers. It is fantastic for twin moms - My twins are almost 10 months and are just way to heavy to be carried in their infant carriers at this point, and being a working mom and also having an almost 6 year old, I spend a lot of time taking the twins in and out of the car. I was having panic attacks on how I was going to manage getting the twins out of the car at the same time once I switched them into a convertible car seat and even before that since again, I'm not bulked up and can't really manage anymore carrying two infant carriers with an 18 pound and 22 pound child in them and then walking stairs and opening doors, etc. So I purchased this amazing item, watched the "how-to" videos on how to use it, and viola its great! My heavier guy does some complaining being on my back, but once I'm moving he is good and my daughter loves being up front. It is really quick and easy once you get the hang of it, and saves me tons of time (not to mention my arms)! I will let you know thought that the pamphlet that came with the carrier was not of any use to me; it was more confusing than anything and I was way better off watching the videos posted on their website and on facebook. I use it now to get them out of the car, into daycare, back in the car after daycare, out of the car to get my older one from school, and then back into the car. They are still in the infant car seats so I do transfer them in and out of the house that way, but as soon as I switch them (yes yes rear facing until at least 2) to convertible car seats I can definitely see myself using it to and from the house/car. I have yet to use the changing bag function, but I'm sure it will come in handy for me one day. This is a purchase that I don't regret one bit!
Helen S - Oxford
This twin carrier is amazing. I can successfully carry my 25 lb twins and not feel the weight. Today I went on a 2 hour walk with them and within 15 minutes they were fast asleep. It's super easy to put on and having that changing bag bag is just awesome. Coolest twin gift ever!
Clare-Louise - Rugby
put a lot of thought into choosing a tandem carrier and I'm SOOOO happy with my decision! I chose the Twingaroo in black. My boys are 6 months old (19 and 17lbs) and do not yet sit up on their own, so I was a little weary of putting one on my back, but I shouldn't have been. They are both very supported and secure. The one on my back fell asleep within 10minutes of me putting it on for the first time! : )
I'm plus-sized, so that was a bit of a concern for me as well. I'm a size 18 and have TONS of extra room in the waist band. Can't wait to let my hubby try it on. :)
I am so excited to be able to go to the shopping now without having to lug around 2 carseats or the giant double stroller. I mean, I haven't even attempted it alone because how would I shop pushing a stroller or 2 carseats taking up all my buggy space?? And let's face it, no double stroller is compact enough to not be a little awkward maneuvering indoors. Here's the solution!
The backpack/ changing bag is just an added bonus. It's perfect for the essentials... a few nappies, wipes, couple bottles and you're set with room to spare!