Twin Swim Ring Float (Double Swimming Float)

Exclusive  Twins are twice the fun and they will simply love our new Twin Swim Float. The inflatable double swimming ring for twins allows you to safely paddle in the pool with two infants at once. The inflatable double-seated float is ideal for swimming with twins or two young children aged 6 months to 3 years.

Rain or shine there's double the fun to be had by your little ones, take it to an indoor swimming pool or leisure centre, use it in your home pool or for splashing around on holiday such as Center Parcs. Your twins will look and feel cool in the pool!

Rather than take two swimming rings to the pool or on holiday, the twin-seat inflatable float makes life a lot easier as it enables one adult to take two children swimming at the same time. This makes it far more enjoyable for you, as parents with  twin infants or twin toddlers, as you can spend the time interacting with each of your children and they just love looking at each other and playing. This innovative buoyancy aid also helps babies and toddlers gain confidence in the water.

Designed by a mum of twins, the Twin Swim Float seats two children aged 6-36 months. The float remains stable even with two children different in age and weight. It's steady and keeps them entertained with 10 coloured balls to play with in the central splash area. Of course, you can add all sorts of toys and have peace of mind knowing that your babies are safe whilst having twice as much fun!

Parents of twins or two young children close in age have reported a duo swim float is one of the most useful products to buy, as it allows them to go to the pool without the challenge of keeping two separate swim floats together. You'll still face the challenge of the changing rooms but once in the pool you can relax and have some fun.

Please Note: Always check with your swimming pool that they will allow you to take two children under 3 years old with you in the pool with one accompanying adult. Only to be used with adult supervision and not suitable for babies that cannot sit up on their own.

The Avon baby care twin swim float is the only double swim seat that is multi chambered for safety and has passed the stringent EN71 safety tests be careful of purchasing single chambered swim floats that have not passed this test.